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Mehrgarh Civilization

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Mehrgarh Civilization- Currently Balochistan, Pakistan.

Mehrgarh is located near the Bolan Pass, to the west of the Indus River valley and between the now Pakistani cities of Quetta, Kalat and Sibi i.e. almost 30 km from Sibi and could have been established on the present Bolan River which is close to drying up.

Before we learn more about the Mehrgarh civilization I would like you all to know some of the technicalities used in Archaeological circles.

A short summary of the period of ages:

  1. Stone age: Earliest era of human existence, people used artifacts made of stones.Its the period before 10,200 B.C.E
  2. Neolithic Age: Known as the New Stone Age, it was the last part of the Stone age and dated between the years 10200 BCE- 4500 BCE.
  3. Chalcolithic Age: Known as the Copper Age which is said to be the first metal age, which is also included in the Bronze Age. Mostly found artifacts date it back to the period 5000-4000 BCE till 700 BCE.
  4. Bronze Age:Bronze is an alloy made from Copper and Zinc/Tin. Mostly the time period between 3000 BCE - 1000 BCE which include the Rig Vedic period.
  5. Iron Age: The last part of the Indus Valley civilization which includes the era 1200 BCE - 26 BCE as far as India is considered.

Mehrgarh Civilization:

   Major Language: Unknown

     Major population: Native Indians (25,000)

Excavated Mehrgarh village. approx 7000 BCE

  • Mehrgarh was discovered and excavations begun by a French team led by Jean-François Jarrige; the site was excavated continuously between 1974 and 1986.
  • Early evidence has been found suggesting that a Civilization existed in Mehrgarh as early as 7000 BCE which is 3500 years before the Indus Civilization!
  • Mehrgarh is supposedly the most sophisticated, ingenuous and best planned ancient farm villages of ancient India.
  •  One amazing bit of info about this town is that in 7000 BC it had a population of 25000 people, which was the number of people living in the entire Egypt in 7000 BCE

Earlier influence and advancement in science and arts

  • Lot of influence in History has always been on Egypt and Turkey during the period 7000 BCE, but Mehrgarh was far advanced than both of them!
  • Grains as old as 12000 years have been found in Jericho, Palestine but there is no instance of civilization as early as 4000 BCE! For more information on Jericho click here
  • There are mud brick houses and also granaries have been found!
  • The most unique discovery is the first known origin of the dental surgery and related medicinal activities exercised in Mehrgarh area. The discovery proves the great innovative mind and developmental level of those people about 9000 years ago.
  • Now here it gets interesting ( IN DETAIL ):
  • According to a report in the April 6, 2006 issue of Nature, Italian researchers working at a cemetery site in the Neolithic town of Mehrgarh discovered drill holes on at least eleven molars from people buried in the cemetery.
  •  Light microscopy showed the holes were conical, cylindrical or trapezoidal in shape.
  •  A few had concentric rings showing drill bit marks; and a few had some evidence for decay. No filling material was noted; but tooth wear on the drill marks indicate that each of these individuals continued to live on after the drilling was completed.
Drilled, maxillary left second molar from an adult male in neolithic Mehrgarh
(Museum L.Pigorini , ROME)
  •  Dental caries (or cavities) are the result of sugars and starches in the food we eat. Hunter-gatherers, who rely on animal protein, do not generally have cavities; cavities associated with the use of roots and tubers, or starchy grains.
  • Researchers point out that only four of the eleven teeth contained clear evidence of decay associated with drilling; however, the drilled teeth are restricted to molars in the back of both lower and upper jaws, and thus are not likely to have been done for decorative purposes. 
  • Flint drill bits are known from Mehrgarh, long associated with the bead industry there. The researchers conducted experiments and discovered that using a flint drill bit attached to a bow-drill, it required under a minute to produce similar holes in human enamel.

A figurine from Mehrgarh, 3000 BCE. (Musée Guimet, Paris)
  • The oldest ceramic figurines in South Asia were found at Mehrgarh. They occur in all phases of the settlement and were prevalent even before pottery appears!
  • No other civilization in any other part of the world existed then; what to speak of a level of perfection in the art and craft elsewhere.
  • Mostly figurines of terracotta and clay have been found along with those of stone mostly consisting of females which points to deities related to fertility rites and male figurines were also found with turbans on the heads!
  • People in this part of Pakistan still wear turbans and the total amount of figurines unearthed were over 32,000!

Lifestyle and Decline of Mehrgarh Civilization

  • There is evidence that people in Mehrgarh used to cultivate Wheat, Rice and Barley where Rice was the staple diet.
  • They also had cattle comprising of goats and sheep. They also had the techniques for fishing.
  • The first use of cotton in the history of mankind has been found at Mehrgarh.
  • It leaves archaeologists stunned that Mehrgarh natives also knew Fabric Weaving!!
  • The people were buried unlike in the Hindu custom where the bodies are burnt which is also interesting.
  • The people were buried along with pitchers and ornaments, a custom which was also observed in Egypt!
  • At the height of civilization it covered over 200 hectares or 2 square km for 25000 people!
  • During the period 2500 BCE - 2000 BCE there has been a migration towards Harappa and Mohen-jo-daro and also to Nausharo which is 6 km south of Mehrgarh in the wake of Indus Valley Civilization!


  • One amazing bit of info about this town is that in 7000 BC it had a population of 25000 people, which was the number of people living in the entire Egypt in 7000 BCE. 
  • There are mud brick houses and also granaries in Mehrgarh as early as 7000 BCE.
  • Mehrgarhians as I call them were experts in medical and dental fields and had found a cure to dental caries and could effectively remove cavities!
  • The oldest ceramic figurines in South Asia were found at Mehrgarh.
  • Mostly figurines of terracotta and clay have been found along with those of stone mostly consisting of females which points to deities related to fertility rites and male figurines were also found with turbans on the heads! Total amount of figurines unearthed were over 32,000!
  • The first use of cotton in the history of mankind has been found at Mehrgarh.
  • Mehrgarhians also knew how to weave fabric and wore it as a cloth.
  • Mehrgarh stretched over 2 square kms for 25000 people!
  • Mehrgarhians buried their dead with items such as pitchers and ornaments.
  • The city died after the SAPT SINDHU CIVLIZATION reached its peak during the period 2500 BCE- 2000 BCE.


  1. very informative and gave a lot of help. didnt know how civilisation ended.

  2. Mehrgarh civilisation stretched from Baluchistan into Iran and across the gulf into Oman. It was matriarchal society in nature, one reason there are so many female figurines discovered from various sites. In Iran it is called Merhgaran. This civilisation linked up Mesopotamia where mother goddess was worshiped.

  3. How exactly is this Indian history??? It's located in Pakistan. Even though a few empires in the area referred to as greater India ruled Baluchistan, Mehrgarh pre-dates any Indian civilization. And Baluchistan has been ruled over by Persian more than any Indian empire. If India is laying claim to Mehrgarh, then I guess Britain should also.

    1. Insecure Indians again. They claim everything is indian even though there was no india . They will say these people were hindus. These people were not hindu at all. They predate hinduism by 8000 years.

      ye tumhare baap hamara ghar hai

    3. meri CASTE HAI MeHr


      and ReAL NAME IS MIHIR (SUN)

    4. Mehmat han and Amjad Ali. Your Bible and Qur'an says that earth and universe is 6000 years old. This discovery of Mehrgarh of 7200 BC(=9200 years old) is itself a slap on the face of Islam and Christianity.

    5. Quran doesn't say about 6,000 years , do you have any reference let me know.

    6. This is really a moot argument. There was no Pakistan till less than 100 years back so Pakistan and India really have a shared history. Infact the term India comes from the Indus river and surroundings which what is Pakistan today was once part of (also see Greater India and Ancient India). The same peoples who are in the republic of India today were also once in the region that is today known as Pakistan, which was mainly colonized by muslims from India post independence. There is definitely biological and cultural continuity in India from the IVC times; more so culturally than in Pakistan the majority of who are muslims (the IVC traditions are partly precursors of what later became Hinduism). So it isn't a stretch to say that Mehrgarh is the history of the peoples of the republic of India and also the history of India, from which many people of the republic of India today derive biologically and culturally.

    7. Here lies the fact. There was no pakistan but Hindustan- irrespective of religion all are hindus.

    8. Don't complicate with time line.... We taking about prehistoric culture

  4. You might be knowing that Pakistan was a part of the Indian subcontinent which was named India because of the Indus river flowing through the region and got separated only in 1947. The Muslim invaders came in 10-11th century in Gandhar, the ancient city Kandahar gets its name from. Anyways Britain gained control of northwest frontier province in the 1800s and ruled for around 140 years or so.....England had as much to do with mehrgarh as much as India had to do with inventing the train....they just discovered/operated it here....nothing else.....the figurines , coins, cities and structure matches the cities in INDUS VALLEY CIVILIZATION even tho its earlier than any other city....hence today's boundaries cannot alter what's black and what's white

  5. I suppose Iran, Afghanistan and every country surrounding India is also India? Get your facts straight, the word India comes from the Indus river which Mehrgarh is WEST of, not EAST of - which would be the traditional Indian sub-continent. Sindh, Indus, India, Hindu, all come from the same root. They didn't burn their dead as in Vedic traditions, so seems nothing at all to do with India today. More to do with Iran, Afghanistan and Iran.

    1. Iran developed much later. Even Iranian language is derived from Sanskrit. Today there is nothing left in Iran which it can claim, after falling to mohammedan hordes.

    2. Iran is not the only source....Persia was a huge kingdom once...agreed but it has more to do with original residents of the land...Iraq and Iran are old civilizations but India has far more years behind them...

    3. our identity is Mehrgarh, Harapa, Moenjo Daro, Dholavera, Lothal and serkotada.

    4. Guys we are all African! Satisfied!

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. No, that's where you go wrong......my facts are pretty clear.....nobody said that Mehrgarh civilization is a part of Indus Valley Civilization......it was just to the east of the river.....as a matter of fact Mohen Jo Daro is also situated to the west of Indus....although you must take into account that India used to consist of Balochistan too before independence....in ancient the kingdom of Gandhaar was where today's Kandahar lies.....it is true that many afghan practises are similar to balochi practises....but rather than deviating from the point.....despite a few irregularities like burying the dead......the findings have been very similar to the the ones which were later found in other sites excavated in india. It has nothing to do with Iran.....Afghanistan was a part of Chandragupta Maurya's Empire.......as i told you about Gandhaar......Mesopotamia was a separate entity yes.
    See gandhaar's location?
    It was a part of India which we today refer to as AKHAND Bharat....recent borders may change the world but it won't change the history

  8. There is always a lot of confusion when placing ancient civilizations into the context of a modern map. Just because something is outside of what we consider India does not mean that it wasn't an influence to the peoples who eventually inhabited India as we know it. As for burial being outside of Hindu norms, Hinduism is only thought to have been around since 2000BCE +/-. The Mehrgarh people existed around 7000BCE. Pakistan did not exist as we know it until 1947.

    1. India dud not exist in 7000 bc either. What's your point.

      Pakistan was not there but there were still people living there. That suggests it's pakistani history. And nothing to do with india or hinduism. Never knew hindus bury their dead. You conveniently omit thus central point as being irregular. It's central. Besides 30000 artifacts have been found. Non relate to hinduism.

      These people were the ancestors of Pakistanis. Who later civillised india.

    2. First things first.
      People living in the indian subcontinent were called hindus as the country was known as hindustan to arabs and other middle eastern tribal chiefs.
      This is why i include it in indian civilization because even if it is now a part of pakistan, you shall find in my other post of Takshila university, where all hindu (all parts of the Indian subcontinent - not referring only to the religion) kings and scholars used to come to study.
      Don't take it as a matter of your history, my history. It just helps everyone understand the events better and does not create confusion.

    3. Because we count history by proximity of race and dna, pakistanis have nothing ethnically common with mehrgarh, neither bury their dead nor worship a deity. By Lineage Indians are genetically closer to the Gujjars and jatts who originated from Sindh, the muslims on pakistan side are mixed gene pools of Turkic mongols, Pashtuns, and the mixing happened over a long time after their conversion to islam.
      Indeed Mehrgarh is the real history of India, doesnt matter if its in pakistan, agrarian settlements were'nt contained, A similar settlement was found in indian gujrat dated 7500BC by german archaeologists, found submerged joins the missing link between the hunting age and the pre-bronze age, easily pre dates mesopotamia and nile

    4. Let me correct you please neither all Indian Muslims have Arab roots nor Mughals or else whosoever relocated into subcontinent have roots. So many races / casts of subcontinent ( Pak , India , Bagnla ) having same family name etc., whatever Hindu / Sikh have now , Rana , Rajpoot , sandhu sikhu , Gujjar and jatt etc., People whose forefathers migrated from Arab , Afghanistan or any easily recognized with their family names. I do understand why our Indian brother aren't accepting this fact also. I do agree with you before 1947 it was Hindustan / Indian

    5. Amjad Ali don't be silly. Learn Indian history to know when and where ur parents and ancestors were born.

  9. Mehrgarh is in pakistan. It is pakistani history. Nothing to do with india or hinduism. It predates india and hinduism by 6000 years. Only link to india is that they colonised the rest of india. Essentially india spread from mehrgarh both in terms of human migration and culture. Many thousands of years later these people became hindus. So one could subcintinental civilisation began in current day pakistan and spread from there . Hinduism came much much later.

    1. Even to this day, greater than 90% of Hindus in South India, bury their dead and not cremate! So the fact that people of Mehrgarh civilisation buried their dead and not cremate can in now way disprove their Hindu or Indian identity.
      Also, the language of Mehrgarh was 'Meluhha' or 'Malava' or very antique 'Tirulu Kannada' which resembles the Sumerian and Akkadian languages and is still surviving in Karnataka's Malavalli Dalits as per this research which makes it in and out a thoroughly Indian culture! - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6s5r9SgMOTM. Traditional dates of Mahabharata - 3120 BCE, as per science - 1500 BCE, 900 BCE, 400 BCE - time of the epic's written form.

    2. मेहरगढ़/ mihirgar/ mehragar/ mehrangar/ aamehargar/zesalmehrgar/ .............etccccc


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    4. AMJAD ALI--



    5. Amjad Ali that merhghar is ours belongs to ancient Indians or Indian subcontinent. Pakistan is small country which is part of ancient India look at the size of our land and look at yours calling it like Pakistan that makes it small better call it as part of India. Your culture is very different from ours. Mergarh culture is similar to ours. Indians are those who live in Indus Valley from my ancestors are from that land so then I will claim it as ours Indians India used to be spread from west Pakistan to entire India. It is part of our history we never claimed Iran, Iraq, turkey,saudi Arabia, other middle east,gulf countries,europeans as part of ancient India. We consider them as outsiders. Pakistan,bangladesh,nepal,bhutan,srilanka,myanmar and Afghanistan is part of ancient India or Indian subcontinent and my culture. Wow you can claim mecca Medina as yours so why can't we claim. It used to belong to us before Muhammad was born in Saudi Arabia.
      It is used to be one land and culture and customs was same or used to be same before Muslims force us to convert to Muslims but they used to be many states in in one land but kings used to rule some tribes or small regions but unified did not took place we used to fight within our states like Greek is one land and they are many states in it they used to fight other kingdoms or tribes in one land . We people prefer to be called as people of Indus as our ancestors are from that land and it is our wish and what our land should be called we prefer to be called as Hindustan,bharat,bharatvarsh,aryavartha or aryavar not Pakistani because that name doesn't come in our text or culture or our tradition or nor a Sanskrit word.we treat you as non Aryans or outsiders as you left us and became enemy and left my religion and culture and adapted Arabic culture and insulted us. Pakistan became separated from us so you are not part of us as you people became impure dirty curropted but the Muslims who live in my land are my countrymen and not outsiders as they didn't sacrifice our land living here

    6. Seriously, the immaturity of this person. First of all "Indians" are a mixed ethnicity so no one can claim that the Indus valley culture is based on Indian culture because Indian culture has many influences from the outside. In fact the inscriptions found on Indus valley artifacts cannot be translated or very difficult to which means it proceeded Sanskrit which is Indo-European language. I think that the Indus civilization was highly advanced compared to the rest of India and may have influenced its culture. BTW, Aryan means civilized and without reference to ethnicity.

  10. Well, just a question. Would you call Chandragupta Maurya a Pakistani king? Just because he ruled the whole of pakistan 2200 years back?
    It just makes it easier for people to relate. That is all

  11. The photo that you have published with caption "Excavated Mehrgarh village. approx 7000 BCE" is not actually from "Mehrgarh" but that of 'Queen's Bath' from "Mohenjo-Daro (Larkano, Sindh, Pakistan)".

    Today's India is in no position at all to claim any part of history from "Ancient India" (which also included today's Pakistan and Bangladesh). And just because India kept the name 'India' after partition, does not mean she (India) has to become sole and self-declared inheritor of the past history; by referring it as a 'Indian History'.

    These regions are now sovereign provinces of Pakistan, just like Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Maharashtra etc from India. Each one of those states both from Pakistan and India has its separate identity, culture, history and languages. So, to say that today's people from those 28 Indian states (with different ethnicity, language and culture) can lay claim of inheritance with whatever is explored from Pakistani regions of Sindh, Punjab, Balochistan and KPK (with whom neither they share culture, language or ethnicity) is nothing but living in self-denial and relishing on it.

    1. thanks for updating about the image. It has been duly changed. You do not count for the fact there are harappan sites with similar styles and structures across india and pakistan. That they were having similar patterns of living. If moghuls ruled lahore and delhi at the same time would it not come under a single portion of study?

    2. Suppose if Pakistan is joined to india. Baluchistan loves india. Will love to be part of India.

    3. सब की कमेंट पड़ी किसी ने कुछ कहा किसी कोई तर्क दिया ।

      पर सच्चायी ये है कि भारत बुध का देश था है और रहेगा।

  12. To say it is in India is geographically correct. All regions that are part of the landmass that collided with the Asian continent between 100m-50m years ago and gave rise to the great watershed of the himalayas, the karakoram, the hindukush and their countless sub-rages from Assam to Herat, are part of India. You can call it by some other name, but you can't really take Balochistan out of it in geographical sense, and thereby also in a cultural sense

  13. Maharaja Ranjit Singh, was he an Indian King or a Pakistani King?

    1. He was an indian king not bharati for india and ancient india both means land of indus which is Pakistani so in this sense ranjit singh was a pakistani as he was from the land of indus we are all sindhus and you are bharatis

    2. Soon there will be no Pakistan At all, what you all have to say then?
      Fool Pakistanis. Tere Baap ke baap ke baap se pooch, woh ek Hindu hi tha. First know the all history then tell. Little knowing is a dangerous thing.

  14. Prehistoric Mehergarh was dug out between 1974-86 by a French archeology team near Bolan pass, Beluchistan, Pakistan. It has been estimated that a civilization grew there about 10000 years before from now and in support which some convincing proof have been appended. A question has now arisen if the site discovery should be regarded as the ancient living place of Pakistanis who demand that as the place now belong to Pakistan, it is logical that the same should go the Pakistani ancients. Everybody knows that prior to the discovery of this site other important sites viz Sind civilization, Harappa, Mohenjo daro etc were discovered prior to creation of Pakistan in the land of India . Due to subsequent creation of a new country , all the previous places have happened to fall within the jurisdiction of the new country. So how those discoveries are going to be called now ? Formerly they belonged to India and now to Pakistan ? In any case Pakistan have not earned to be separate ethnic group as religion never forms ethnic group. It is very likely that the Mehergarh civilization after break up due to exact reasons not known shifted to the Sind and other adjoining sites. Pakistan has separate political identity no doubt but hardly a part of the extended Arab or Persian ethnicity. Whatever may come in the distant future when Pakistan may grow up as distinct different identity, the Indian ethnicity will remain long long period of time. There have been in this context some discussion of religious difference which is uncalled for and should not have been made at all. It must be borne in mind that Pakistan is a holy land as they name it but never pondered it why. I say it is because here the cradle of human civilization grew once and made the others to follow them. It is from the river Sarasvati once raise the hymns in praise of the creation. There is request that such holiness must not be linked with any religion born much later to malign it.

  15. Mantan, I think there is no point in arguing with some idiots if Mehrangarh's history is Indian History or not. Anyone with two grains of gray matter knows that Persia and India were neighbors. Mesopotamia, Sumeria and Babylon where the other civilization but which came in much later in 3100 BC. Since they are trying to create a religious siege let me remind them that Mother Goddess and Pashupati was worshiped in Indus Valley in the beginning and in the later times. The majority religion was Zoroastrianism in Persia and Vedic Brahmanism in India. Both were fire worshippers.
    They know very well that their ancestors were Hindus. Meaning: Sanatans, Jains or Buddhists. They were converted to Islam either force or by greed. Islam as a political force did not enter the subcontinent till 13th century AD, though Arab Muslims where doing trade with India through sea but mainly in Gujrat and Malabar.
    Even Genghis Khan himself practiced Shamanism and not until 14th century did any Mongol turn to Islam. Khan too is not an Islamic name.
    They know that Bhagat Singh was born in what today is Pakistan so he is as much part of common history of Pakistan as it is of India. The two nation theory was propounded in 1940 by Jinnah. Even till then Pakistan as a concept did not exist.
    Since these guys are in constant self-denial, I would much like to be identified as Mongolians, Uzbeks or Arabs, give them another decade and by then the genome mapping would be done and they would get to know that there father was no other than India and they practiced a Hindu religion.
    As for burying the death, in Hinduism there are three types of death rites: burial, cremation and water burial. Earlier form practiced was burial, with further spiritual advancement cremation was adopted, because people started thinking that everything was made of five elements. This is true even for Persians. Even then, babies are still buried by Hindus. Cremation is now the standard practice and water burial is given to saints and babies.
    So, on every aspect these guys stand to neither logic nor historical facts. So don't waste your time of them and spend more time on giving us some more information on our common History.

    1. Yes premature babies and that die soon after birth are buried. Never cremated.

  16. this history evidence shows man's roots. They developed culture and now we are comes here, currently world fighting on different issues but they doesn't think about humanity, take less5o form history

  17. Modern political borders and historical context to country names did not exist during the Holocene era. The Indus Valley is part of the geographical archaeological record of human migration, settlement patterns, beginnings of sedentism, agriculture and pastoralism. Therefore it is neither Indian, Pakistani or Indo-Iranian history - it is human history and the continuing story for the Out of Africa journey. The Indus valley is considered pre-history including Mehrgargh, even though the Harrapan civilization had a script however no one has been able to decipher it to fully understand the writing. Pre-history must not confused with modern and post modern context of political borders and human history.
    Archaeological finds are deduced through supposition unless there is a Rosetta stone that reveals the heart of the culture for what it was. Most of the evidence become outdated especially when there is another find. The knowledge is subject to change according to the evidence that is found and the evidence is constantly changing. There is no first for anything - civilization grew out of the human migration and the need to adapt to the ever changing environment and its resources. The human migration pattern is so vast that to even think that these cultures are our genetic ancestors would be wishing for pigs to fly. Most of modern humans have genetic markers that are so diverse due to the human migration pattern therefore any resemblance to these ancient cultures as distant relatives would be foolish reasoning.
    Human burial patterns change according to the times and the need. Cultures practiced cremations and burials alternately and intermittently, depending on the crisis of the times or the convenience factors. Cremation may have stemmed out of ridding the bodies immediately due to epidemics or pandemics, in addition to the fact that most culture grew near large water resources, burials would cause potential ground water contamination. The ancients were far more sophisticated and had basic knowledge about contamination. These are some of the probably causes as to why some cultures cremated or buried. Religion or cultural practices become the mode to instill and make mandatory these practices.
    Culture is manmade and so is religion. It was created to give a sense of belonging and connectivity. Religion regulates human conduct and behavior. Spirituality has no association with religion. Awareness of an after life or wondering about one is part of the human connection to something greater outside of themselves, it gives meaning to the life and its processes. The Indus Valley civilization had possible forms of religious practices or spirituality. We will never know until we find the Rosetta stone for their script and distinctive evidence about their own recordings of their culture.

    Nonetheless, thank you for your site and keeping the information alive.

  18. Very well said "The chain transmission". It's sad that people are arguing about whose history this is, when they should be working towards making this history know to a great number of people. Very few people know about this history, its not taught in most classes and I can safely bet that common indians and pakistanis will
    Have no clue of this incredible civilization which existed. This civilization existed prior to or at the same time as some of the great civilizations of the past, yet it is overlooked and forgotten. Just like the Soan and Riwat or lower paleolithic periods. Indus valley played a crucial role (Soan and Riwat valleys) in human migration and instead of educating others, we are arguig about whether or not this is indian or pakistanti history. Let's creat more education and awareness of these cultures so we can share them with the world.

  19. All is that it is India History ( Indus History ) which is now Pakistan and India. the authenticity is Indian no matter whatever is now.

  20. Asia belongs to India. but light people compare to gobekli tepe. Svatiska keep going. fuck nationalism.

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  23. what did they find plz name them and say what was all about

  24. dudes do not fight over it. it is not iran or india and especially pakistan!(a 70 years old country). mehrgarh is balochistan along side with helmand culture, burnt city(shahr e shukhta), bampur and jiroft culture

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  26. Mehar garh is in Balochistan not in India. So, it means the people of mehar garh were Baloch. The British ruled India not Balochistan, Balochistan wasn't the part of subcontinent

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  30. Dear all,
    We must be brave enough to realize and agree that kalat was a kingdom establishes by Brahui and that was finally occupied by Pakistan in 1954.
    Meharghar is equally fantastic and rich in history like India and Pakistan. People of Meharghar made their establishment when whole modern Sindh was in waters and they wanted to use Indus for its trade to Mesopotamia through waters they already were known to Persia and ancient Middle East and Egypt.
    Those days Bolan (on the delta or end of that Meharghar is situated).was joining Nari river and both these rivers end and joining Molla River at the end of the Kheerthar mountainous range. And all the waters including Gaaj River water finally joining with mighty Indus at eastern side of kheerthar mountain range adjacent to Manchar Lake.
    In search of moving to waters of river Indus and reach hot water of sea, the people of Meharghar, established their first settlement at Molla River called Neoshara, then they moved to Aamri to reach Indus delta. And same time on the east side of the river established Kotdiji settlement both were working as defense posts. Finally they reached to shahbandar and ketty Bandar and Debal etc along coastline
    But without creating a settlement in mid of river island there was no chance that they could utilized the flow of river for sailing into and back in hot waters of sea.They decided to stay in the middle of water where there is minum water available for sailers.
    Finally the first mound (MOH-NA-DARO) Mohnadaro is Brahui word meaning first mound. The Mohnadaro wrongly named mohenjodaro by Britisher and there was no in depends source to correct them. This settlement survived around a thousand year. The floods and storms was getting worst day by day and finally they decided and left their homes gently and moved back to Meharghar and lived on mountains. Reason being that the municipal of the city was unable to coup with the floods and wet Before leaving the city abundant the city was rebuilds in six folds; The roofs of the houses at moenjodaro were six times removed and then rebuilt and each time the remaining walls were refilled with earth and the surface was elevated to some extent. Therefore the early six levels belong to Indus valley. Later on the Dravidian occupied the site of moenjodaro and pulled and used ancient bricks for their houses. They survived only one hundred years living on top of the structural remains of Moenjodaro but virtually they have no any connection with Indus people at all. The Dravidians were displaced by Aryans.
    The religion, language of Indus valley people is not known yet. The artifacts found on top layer belongs to Dravidian that have no connection with people of Indus
    On top of six occupation level we have seventh level of Dravidian and eighth level belongs to Aryans and ninth level belongs to Buddhist. Therefore each of these levels and people has no religious and faith -relation with each other. We need to re-assess the research work conducted on these sites.
    It is worth to mention that the people of MEHARGHAR-INDUS valley civilization have nothing to do with Persia and India at all. They the third component dividing and separating both. Therefore Indus valley civilization is Indus valley civilization and nothing to do with modern India and Pakistan.

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